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We at Frank's Design are always willing to help out our Clients. Please call us and we will go into further detail about your project.
Q. Do I need an Architect?
A. Yes, The State of  New Jersey requires that Plans must be prepared by a Licensed New Jersey Architect.
Q. How do I hire the services of an Architect?
A. The same way you would any other professional such as a Doctor or Lawyer.
    Thru referrals and reputation and above all, experience.
Q. How much do Architects charge to prepare plans?
A. Most Architects charge anywhere from 3% to 15% of the cost of construction.
    Simply put, call the Architect and ask what it would cost to prepare plans for your particular project.
Q. How long does it take to prepare the Drawings in order to get a Building Permit?
A. Usually 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project.
Q. After the plans are completed, How long does it take to obtain a Building Permit?
A. The State of New Jersey has no more than 30 working days to issue a Permit.
Q. Should I get different Bids or Quotes from contractors?
A. Yes, Frank's Design recommends to get quotes from a min. of 6 contractors.
Q. Does the Architect "Oversee" the construction process?
A. No, but if any questions should arise during construction concerning the plans, the Architect will clarify
    those questions, usually at no additional fee.
Q. Who does oversee the construction?
A. Your local Building Construction Official is Licensed by the State and inspects the contractors work.
     It is the resposibility of the Building Official to Make sure the Architect's plans were followed and that
     all Local and State Building Codes are adhered to.